Saturday, March 5, 2016

New and Updated Website for Adobe Inn at Cascade

 When starting our lodging business back in 2003, I remember Sheri and I asking ourselves 'do we really want to spend the money on a website for our business'?.  Wow, how times have changed.  Of course, now a business would surely fail without the use of such a powerful and widespread marketing tool.  So, back in 2003 we made the extremely wise decision to go ahead and spend the money and have a third party create a new site for our newly formed lodging business.  

 Well, it's 2016 and the world wide web has exploded and where it will stop, nobody knows.  Viewing all the newly created websites with appealing designs and fancy elements made us realize that it was time once again to consider a new site for our inn. After all, we have now been welcoming guests to the Pikes Peak region going on 14 seasons....hard to believe!  Facing reality, we quickly realized that our website was unquestionably outdated and if we noticed, so would the traveling public

 I am happy to announce that I, that's correct, I, have just finished creating a brand new and shiny website!  No, I am not a computer programmer or even an IT person but with the development of "create your own website" businesses, I successfully built a new site.  Sure, it took time but I, of course, think it looks pretty darn good and certainly looks up to date.  Learning as I went along, with every click I found a new and interesting tool to improve functionality and to bring appeal to the design.  Plus, it is easy to update and maintain.  So, when a change is made, click a few buttons and the site is updated and published with the changes almost instantaneously.  Not only do I have a personal sense of accomplishment creating a new website from a blank slate but I also saved the monetary costs associated when having a third party website creator do all the work. Certainly, I know my business and it's appeal and charm better than anyone else; therefore, it was only logical that I undertake the project and attempt to honestly relay to the viewer a true and realistic impression of the Adobe Inn and what to expect when they arrive for their Colorado vacation.

I am asking that you please take a look at and view the new site for yourself.  Hopefully, over the years you've had the opportunity to view our old existing site.  If not, just know that it did not look as new and updated as this one and I guarantee it did not have all the bells and whistles.  I guess it goes hand in hand with the recent exterior project we completed just last summer.  We had the entire stucco exterior redone and the inn looks absolutely terrific.  New site, new exterior but the same owners who started the business years ago and continue to welcome travelers to the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. No, I did not do the stucco work! :)

Hopefully the new website and design will be appealing and continue to attract guests just as the old one seemed to accomplish.  So, if you're just finding our website, hopefully it is successful at conveying the inn's warm and inviting charm it continues to maintain after all these seasons, after all these travelers. Click the buttons, scroll the pages and take a look,  we certainly hope the new website makes you say 'I want to stay there on our upcoming trip to Colorado'! See you soon......