Friday, April 19, 2013

A Few of our FAVORITE things..

I love to cook and my husband...well, he likes to eat! I don't just love to cook, I get excited about the ingredients it takes to make a fantastic meal, whether it's buying freshly ground spices from a local spice store or making our traditional annual buying trip each fall to the farms near Rocky Ford, Colorado, for bushels of freshly picked and roasted poblano chile's. 

There is nothing quite as heavenly as the aroma of roasted green chile's, the scent of which lingers in the car for weeks afterward as a pleasant reminder of our cherished tradition each year. 

The experience of meeting the farmers that grow our food is a humbling one that can't be beat. We make it a point to buy locally grown fresh ingredients when available, buying much of what is used to prepare our signature inn breakfast dishes at local farmer's markets.

We're also very fortunate to live in the small, scenic mountain community of Cascade...not only is it beautiful but the White family has a residence in Cascade. They operate a peach farm in Palisade, Colorado where they grow the juiciest, most delicious peaches you will ever have the good fortune to eat. The Whites are particular about their peaches and only pick them they're ripe. Every year I look forward to the three separate shipments they bring by truck, freshly picked, from their farm on the Western Slope which are featured in many of our signature recipes, such as Blue Corn Pancakes with Fresh Colorado Peaches and Cream.

Spring is upon us, Summer almost here and soon I'll be back at one of my favorite past times of shopping our local farmer's markets for fresh ingredients used in our delicious breakfast recipes for our Adobe Inn at Cascade guests. Our breakfast in suite is a treat not to be missed and you too can enjoy a few of our FAVORITE things!

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